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Debate Room Rules *please read*

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Debate Room Rules *please read*

Post by Adil on Sat 28 Feb 2009, 11:18 am

Main objectives is to stimulate and create one-2-one or group debates.

This will be different to the rest to the fact that any of the debates in there will not be of a political Factor

Basically how is it going to work

Pick a topic - could be past or present, real life or fictitious

For Example

- Should fox hunting be banned
- Should britain join the Euro
- Should smacking be banned at school
Something like that.

Threads can be either one a one 2 way basis or group basis as long as their is Pro/Anti and a balanced crowd contributing to the Threads it will make it more Interesting and presenting the thread with a balanced views

I guess you can use it to test the Wit of the Normal every day posters you talk with but on a totally different topic you will be debating with this person with.

Keep it Clean, Keep it Sensible and Keep it wise, This forum is just there to test your wits and debating Skills and im sure it will be quite fun too. Like usual Rules apply.

Some Rules:

- No flaming
- No fighting
- No insulting
- Present your argument wisely and structivley. Do not take anything personal!

Report any insults or anything wrong to a Mod or Admin.


Three R's. Read all forum rules. Respect all members, Report all problems!


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