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Post by Chibiwolf on Mon 02 Mar 2009, 7:54 am

Anyone here listen to the band Tool? I think they are quiet possibly the biggest pot heads on earth. (Hence the song...."The Pot") Maynard is the most twisted musician i have heard. Still the band hits #2 on my top 10 faves. Although they play the hell out of the same notes on EVERY SONG (Talking to you Schism) they have some kick ass riffs like from vicarious. When you listen to the band it seems as if your taking an acid trip. *Coughcoughendingtoparabolacough* Although drug induced you learn valuable (Suttle) lessons in the songs. The pot tells of drug ODs and Schism tells of the split of religion in the middle ages. If you are a Tool fan, Good choice. If not and you are considering, make a good choice. If you are not, BURN FOR IT!

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