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Apple now offers HD movies via iTunes

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Apple now offers HD movies via iTunes

Post by gatekeeper on Fri 20 Mar 2009, 10:30 am

Apple on Thursday started offering high-definition movies for rent or purchase on the iTunes store and said future movies would be available in HD format 30 days after their release. Apple launched an HD page on iTunes, featuring about a dozen films available immediately, such as Transporter 3, The Spirit, and The Punisher: War Zone. Apple also started taking preorders for a couple of last year’s more popular films, the latest James Bond film Quantum Of Solace and the teenage vampire film Twilight. Some of the films listed could only be purchased. Apple is selling HD films for $19.99 and renting them for $4.99 for new releases and $3.99 for older titles. Apple is renting HD movies at $1 more than regular titles. Apple’s current offerings are limited, but the company said it would be adding more HD movies soon.
Apple has been offering prime-time television shows on iTunes in HD format from all four major networks since the fall of 2008. Movies and TV shows downloaded from iTunes can be played on an Apple Mac, iPhone, and some iPod models, as well as a Windows PC. The films also can be played on a digital TV through the Apple TV set-top box. Apple isn’t alone in trying to entice people with HD content. Netflix and Blockbuster also offer HD movies online.

Source: InfoWeek.
Looks good, the more companies that start making movies available online legally, then the more chances that the prices will keep coming down.
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