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Forum Rules. Please Read.

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Forum Rules. Please Read.

Post by Adil on Sun 01 Feb 2009, 4:59 am

Forum Rules and Regulations *Must Read*

This board is provided to give everyone an opportunity to communicate with each other, sharing ideas, enhancing their graphic and design abilities. By abiding to the following simple rules and regulations, we can all be happy and have a easy time on this board. You also are giving a easy time to the moderators and the Admin, aswell as yourself and your fellow members.

General Board Rules

1. By using and posting on the board you must respect other members. You must not post threatening or harmful messages or anything that may hurt another member or members.

2. Double posting on the board is not allowed. You also are not allowed to spam or post bad and dead links.

3. When using and posting on the board, you must speak English. Kreative Flow is an English board/Forum.

4. Posting in all full caps is not allowed or needed.

5. When posting make sure you are inserting it into the correct section.

6. It is not needed or allowed to make a new topic if another one was not replied to or answered. You may bump topics once but only after 24hrs of your last post.

7. Posting insults, racial insults or flaming to any member or staff of the board is not allowed. Debating on the board is encouraged but not to be abused.

8. If you find a dead link on the board or something is wrong then please report the dead to Mod's or Admin.

9. Spamming or flaming in the shoutbox is not allowed, doing so will lead to a warning.

10. Do not link to any site that contains adult content, sexually oriented material, or might otherwise be considered offensive. Any post containing an inappropriate link will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning and possibly be temporarly banned. Please remember that this is an educational internal board. It is not to be abused and misused!

If you are found breaking any of the above rules then you may be suspended for a set time or permanently!

Lastly, give respect to our staff. They are here to help you.

Please make sure you read the complete set of rules in FULL

All serious enquiries should be directly adressed to the forum Admin.

Written by Adil
Updated by XtremeX17

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