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    Sun 31 May 2009, 8:25 am
    Message by finnianm - OMG!!!
    HAPPY 2000 POSTS Very Happy:Very Happy:D:D:Very Happy:D:D
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    Sat 28 Mar 2009, 6:26 pm
    Message by finnianm - ?
    I would appreciate it if you could contact me back at

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    Sat 28 Mar 2009, 5:27 pm
    Message by finnianm - Adil, this is FinnianM
    Hello, i need to speak to you about an important matter. My name is Finnian, i am a graphic designer and i think i can benefit your forum alot. I post mostly resources and tutorials, my website is

    I know how to use
    Photoshop CS4
    Illustrator CS4
    InDesign CS4
    and many others. I have a proposition

    I have joined your forum, but if i were to stay, i would like to be guaranteed a high position. I will post almost everyday, and on the forums im listed, i usually have a post rate of 10 per day, sometimes more. I like to help out, i will try to help out as much as i can. I can offer exclusive tutorials on how to use applications, also i know how to customize applications, such as changing the theme of Photoshop. I can make any application have a custom icon, name, and loading screen. Some i can change the panels on the inside! I can also provide amazing brushes, one of my packs has over 500 useful burhses that are high res(1000 pixels to 2500 pixels). I think this would be good for both of us, i just dont want to have to start regaining ranks on a forum again

    Thanks for reading, FinnianM

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