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*Packages Information* Must Read!

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*Packages Information* Must Read!

Post by Adil on Sat 21 Feb 2009, 1:35 pm

Rules of requesting a package

- Only one package can be requested every 2 weeks/14 days
- Package topics cannot be bumped niether can you PM a member of staff enquiring
- Your forum must have atleast 100 posts for the package request to be accepted
- The forum must not contain warez, obscene, graphically violent or any other inappropriate content.
- Your forum must have a 'general' or 'off-topic' section
- Your forum must be viewable to guests
- You must use the following template for requests

If any of the requirments above are not met, then your request will not follow.


Use the following request form:

Forum Name:
Forum URL:
Package Requested:



Begginer Package:
3 new topics
6 new replies

You must have atleast 25 Flow Points


Intermediate Package:
6 new topics
15 new replies

You must have atleast 45 Flow Points


Advanced Package:
9 new topics
25 new posts

You must have atleast 80 Flow Points

Three R's. Read all forum rules. Respect all members, Report all problems!


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